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The College has Computerized Library with 20785 books on different subjects. The catalog of books has been admitted in Soul Software. It has been subscribed to as many as 11 newspapers, numerous magazines and 3 journals. It also has a Book Bank through which books are allotted to the students related to IRDP families. 3826 books are available in this Book Bank. Students are encouraged to avail library facility during working hours on all working days.

Library Rules:-

1. Students of all classes can get books from college library.

2. Failure to return the book/books on the 16th day from the last date of issue will entail a fine of Rs. 1.00 per book per day.

3.  A book after it is issued to a student, if gets damaged or is lost, the borrower (student) will be required to pay for the damage or loss.

4.  Request for the issue of reference books and current periodicals should not be made as these are not issued. However they may be read and consulted in the library.

5. College identity cum library card is invariably to be carried while visiting the library. This card should be kept carefully.

6. Loss of books should immediately be reported to the librarian in writing.

7. Students are advised to deposit their own books etc. with the library attendant before they approach the librarian for reading.

8. Library is a sacred place. The college expects its students to observe silence and necessary discipline while they are in the library.