The college provides facility of hostel only to boys. The hostel accommodates total 40 students only. Due to the limited seats, the admission will be given to the tribal students on the basis of priority. Only after that the student of other categories will be accommodated on merit basis.
Note :-
1. The hostel fee will have to be submitted after the scrutiny of application forms in two instalments according to the table shown in prospectus.
2. In case sufficient number of tribal wards and other categories are not available then the seats will be given to the general category students. But the allotment will be on academic merit basis.
3. However extremely needy cases can be considered only on the recommendation of the allotment committee.
4. On the discipline ground any student can be asked to vacate the hostel without any notice on the recommendation of the hostel committee.
5. No dues of any kind will be refundable in such indiscipline cases.
6. The hostel has also started Co-operative mess, which is being looked after under the supervision of hostel superintendent.
1. Boarders are expected to arrive a day before the session begins with their bedding etc.
2. Furniture will be issued to a boarder at the time of allotment of a room to him. Before leaving the hostel he must obtain a certificate from the warden that the furniture has been returned in good condition.
3. Boarders are not permitted to keep record players, mobiles phones, fire arms or any electrical gadget in their rooms. Defaulters will be imposed a heavy fine and the object will be confiscated.
4. The authorities will not take any responsibility for loss of valuable items or cash of the boarders.
5. All boarders will report for the routine roll-call every day at 8:00PM and any boarder found absent without the prior permission of the warden will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- per day. Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
6. The students shall pay all the hostel dues well in time and they will have to pay overcharges in respect of electricity and water if the bills are not met out of their dues.
7. The boarder shall have to apply separately for leave both from the college and the hostel.
8. No student will be allowed to go out to town/ home during working days without prior sanction of leave by the Principal for which letter should be sent by the parents direct to the Principal at least two days in advance.
9. No visitor will be allowed during the college working hours without a letter of authority from the parents of the student except in the case of an emergency, if any.
10. Defiance of the hostel rules or misbehaviour will render a resident student liable to disciplinary action/ expulsion from the hostel.
11. The Principal is the final deciding authority for the allotment of a seat in the hostel.
12. No student shall indulge in any act of ragging/indiscipline and he is found guilty of any such offence he will be expelled from the hostel.