Implementing the guidelines of RUSA (Rashtriya Uchhatar Shiksha Abhiyan) H.P. Govt. has been switched over from the annual system of the Examination to Semester System of examination with CBCS for UG Courses from academic session 2013-14. The H.P. Govt. has again opted the annual system of the Examination from academic session 2018-19.

The Executive council of H.P. University has approved the CBCS template of UGC for the admission of UG pass Courses since the academic session 2016-17 onwards. The system provides an opportunity for the students to choose the courses from the prescribed courses comprising core, elective and skill based courses. An under graduate degree in science discipline/humanities/social science/commerce will be awarded if a student cumulate minimum of 132 credit hours of course work. A student can opt for more number of elective and ability enhancement elective papers, however the total credit score earned will not exceed 140 credit for UG degree

CBCS involves an evaluation system of student that has continuous comprehensive Assessment (CCA) accounting for 30% of the final grade that a student gets in a course and End Semester Examination (ESE) accounting for the remaining 70% of the final grade, the main elements. Under CCA, there will be one Mid-Term test, when roughly 60% of the syllabus has been covered. This mid Term test will be of 15 marks. The 10 marks of CCA will be awarded on the basis of Seminar/ Assignment tutorial/Term-paper etc. that the course teacher might give to the students and the remaining 5 marks of CCA will awarded on the basis of classroom Attendance of the students.70% of the final grade of the student in a course will be on the basis of the ESE that will be of three hours duration and will be covering the whole syllabus of the course. A student will have to pass both the Components i.e. CCA and ESE Separately to become Eligible to be declared successful in a course.

The marks distribution is as per regulation for the UG programmes issued by HP University and this is subject to amendment made by HP Govt. and/or by HPU.